Ordinance No 4/2019 of 3 January 2019, establishes management measures for the Undulate Ray (Raja undulata) and defines the conditions to be observed regarding the collection of information, for the scientific evaluation of this stock, in zone 9 of International Council for the Exploration of the Sea.

In compliance with paragraph 1 of article 4 of Ordinance No 4/2019 of 3 January 2019, the following accompanying document must be filled and delivered to the services of Docapesca, Portos e Lotas, SA, upon the 1st auction sale of any specimen of Undulate Ray.

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Order No 1/ DG/2020 establishes the rules for the specific licensing of Undulate Ray capture witch aims to continue the scientific studies that have been carried out.

Undulate Ray Fishing License Application 2020
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List of vessels with specific fishing authorization to capture the Undulate Ray (Raja undulata)
(article 3 of Ordinance No 4/2019, of 3 January 2019)
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