Depending on the function to be performed on board, the seafarer must attend one or more of the following types of courses:

• Training courses - for access to maritime registration in the category of ratings;

• Other courses - for progression purposes to one of the categories of ratings;

• Courses for merchant naval officer (1st cycle level) - for access to maritime registration in an officer category;

• Leadership courses (2nd cycle level) - for access to a category of officer leadership;

• Certification courses - for access to a professional qualification certificate.


• National Maritime College Infante D. Henrique (ENIDH) (;

• Association of Studies and Teaching for the Sea/Institute of Nautical Technologies (AEMAR/ITN) (;

• Center for the Professional Training of Fisheries and Sea (For-Mar) (;

• Professional Institute of Transport and Logistics in Madeira (IPTL) (