This is a platform that dives into the literacy on the Portuguese sea, taking as a reference the knowledge aggregated within the scope of the SOPHIA Project.

The name chosen is a tribute to the great poet of the sea, Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, who inspires us so much in relation to the sea - “sound sea, bottomless sea, endless sea”. The SOPHIA project is dedicated to creating useful knowledge for the management of the marine environment.

Get to know the products of phase 1 of this initiative here.

To love and protect we need to know. It has become evidence that all life on Earth, including our survival, depends on the sea. This portal presents itself as a facilitator and promoter of the communication of scientists and civil society around the multiple areas of knowledge about marine ecosystems under Portugal's sovereignty.

We navigate by taking as a route what defines the map of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (DQEM) and this is where the mission and ambition in the call to action of this SOPHIA Project are inserted.
Take examples: the ecology of deep-sea ecosystems, such as seamounts or volcanic chimneys, are still themes where the unknown is far superior to what is known. And what is known is very little. Probably in some cases the biodiversity that these ecosystems represent has been irreparably affected.

There is probably still a multitude of species waiting to be discovered by science. What is certain is that the unknown is today a challenge that must be overcome.

Beat the pace of Portugal's Atlantic vocation and the pace of legal occupation necessary to ensure Portuguese sovereignty for generations to come. Challenges like these are the ones we add and report here.

The task, with scientific and technical certification, is for everyone. We were called to enter this changing tide and dive into the knowledge of the Portuguese sea.