Under the terms set out in Ordinance No. 14/2014, of 23 January, DGRM has developed a solution that allows, the desmaterialization of recreational fishing licenses.
Holders of recreational fishing licenses no need to be accompanied by any paper-based license in order to be able to exercise the activity since the license will be constituted by a registration in the DGRM database, consultable by SMS at all times, by entities with supervisory responsibilities and by licensees themselves.
Recreational fishing licenses can be issued from the ATM, at the DGRM counter in Lisbon, at the counters of the Regional Agriculture and Fisheries Directorates of the North (DRAP Norte), Centro (DRAP Centro), Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (DRAP LVT), Alentejo (DRAP Alentejo) and Algarve (DRAP Algarve), which can also be requested by email to:

  Emission of licenses by email:

      Solicitud de licencia de pesca recreativa por correo eletrónico
       Download (381 KB)

      Request for recreational fishing license by email
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      Demand d'emission de permis de pêche par e-mail
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Acquisition of recreational fishing licenses prepaid by marine-tour operators by email

Economic agents authorized to operate with vessels registered in the maritime-tourist activity, in the form of tourist fishing, can purchase lots of prepaid recreational fishing licenses, valid for one day, for the respective customers who, being interested in practicing recreational fishing on board those vessels, do not hold a license for that purpose.

Prepaid licenses can be purchased at DGRM (Lisbon), DRAPNorte (Matosinhos), DRAPCentro (Aveiro), DRAPLisboa and Vale do Tejo (Setúbal), DRAP Alentejo (Sines) and DRAPAlgarve (Tavira, Olhão and Portimão), as well as requested by email to:

These licenses are only valid for a period of 24 hours after they have been activated. To activate the licenses, the instructions contained in the document provided with the batch of prepaid licenses must be followed, through the sending of a message (SMS), which can be created using any mobile phone with an identification QR code program, completed with the customer's data or, alternatively, through a message to be sent to DGRM under the terms explained in the available document.

Attention is drawn that in the exercise of recreational fishing on board tourist fishing vessels, the capture of fish and the respective transport after landing must always be carried out by the license holder, whose validity and time of issue can be verified , at any time, by the inspection agents (DGRM, Maritime Police or GNR) through consultation by SMS to the DGRM database.

Request for recreational fishing licenses prepaid by marine-tour operators by email
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Applicable fees

Amounts of fees for recreational fishing (Ordinance No. 14/2014, of 23 January).

The license allows recreational fishing to be practiced throughout the Mainland (Decree-Law No. 101/2013, of 25 July) excludes Azores and Madeira islands.

License Type Daily Rate Monthly Annual
Apeada 2 € 4 € 8 €
On-bord 5 € 12 € 50 €
Underwater 3 € 10 € 25 €
General recreational - 20 € 70 €