Regulation (EU) 1379/2013, of 11 December, which establishes the common organization of the markets in fishery and aquaculture products provides, in Article 35 (1), that fishery and aquaculture products with Combined Nomenclature codes 0301 to 0307 and 12122000 can only be offered for sale to the final consumer or to a catering establishment if an appropriate marking or labeling indicates certain mandatory information, highlighting the species' trade name and its scientific name.

In accordance with article 37 of the same Regulation, Portugal has established a list of the commercial names authorized in its territory for the fishery and aquaculture products mentioned above, in which, for each species, the scientific name is indicated, the most used commercial name and, in most cases, another name also used locally or regionally.

Like this:
  1. The list of authorized trade names in Portugal in relation to the marketing of fishery and aquaculture products is set out in Annex I of Ordinance No. 587/2006, of 22 June, which was republished by Statement of Rectification No. 52 / 2006, of August 18.
  2. Appendix II of Ordinance No. 587/2006, of 22 June, contains the trade names authorized in the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira.
  3. All changes to the list of authorized trade names are published on the website of the Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services (DGRM) and are contained in the following consolidated documents:
           List of Authorized Commercial Designations in Portugal (Annex I)

            Download (915 KB)

          Denominations Authorized only in the Autonomous Regions (Annex II)
           Download (152 KB)

          Algae - Commercial Designation for the different Macroalgae and Microalgae that can be marketed in Portugal
           Download (512 KB)

Online service for requesting the inclusion of species in the lists of commercial designations

Alternatively, you can send the Form, available on the online service and send it to DGRM by fax (+351 213 035 933 or +351 213 035 702) or by email to

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