MONICAP is a system with global coverage for Continuous Monitoring of Fishing Activities and which originated as a pilot project of the Portuguese State, started in 1988, and is currently a subsystem of SIFICAP, integrated in the terrestrial (coordination) and aerial components.
MONICAP is the satellite vessel monitoring system (VMS, Vessel Monitoring System) and generally comprises a mobile device installed on board fishing vessels, commonly called the Blue Box or Continuous Monitoring Equipment (EMC), which receives global positioning data (GPS, Global Positioning System) and communicates with the CCVP / FMC-PT through the constellation of Inmarsat satellites.
The gains of this system were quickly absorbed by the national law of the Union, as well as at the level of third countries and Regional Fisheries Management Organizations, being currently mandatory on all Union vessels over 12 m in length - outside, regardless of the area of operation.

The monitoring system provides various data, with a programmable periodicity, or immediate at the request of the CCVP (polling), namely:

  1. Location (Latitude and Longitude)
  2. Date and time
  3. Course
  4. Speed
  5. Equipment management information (alarms, power, battery charge, antenna signal), which allows, for example, checking the activity and fishing operations:
  • without fishing license or authorization
  • use of unauthorized fishing gear
  • in prohibited or temporarily closed areas
  • during closed seasons.
The data produced by this system are also fundamental for controlling the days of activity, as well as for scientific research.