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North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC)
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The North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) is an international organization established under the Convention on Future Multilateral Cooperation in the North-East Atlantic Fisheries, which entered into force on 17 March 1982.

The NEAFC Convention establishes an appropriate framework for multilateral cooperation in the field of the conservation and management of fishery resources in the area defined hereunder.

This Convention replaces the first 1959 North-East Atlantic Fisheries Convention (in force since 1963), which replaced the 1946 Convention to regulate the mesh size of fishing nets and minimum catch sizes.

The main purpose of NEAFC is "to promote the conservation and rational use of the North-East Atlantic fishery resources, in accordance with a regime appropriate to the extension of the coastal State's jurisdiction over fisheries, and thereby encouraging international cooperation and consultation in respect of resources, "providing sustainable economic, environmental and social benefits.

NEAFC has the following Contracting Parties European Union, Denmark (representing the Faroe Islands and Greenland), Iceland, Norway and the Russian Federation.

In terms of organizational structure NEAFC has a Commission, which brings together representatives of all the Contracting Parties, the support of a Permanent Secretariat based in London and three Standing Committees:

  • Standing Committee on Monitoring and Compliance (PECMAC)
  • Administration and Finance Committee (FAC)
  • Standing Committee on Management and Science (PECMAS).

It also counts on the support of Working Groups, created with a specific time horizon to respond to certain matters identified as relevant by the Contracting Parties of the Organization.

The first requirement for the activity is the granting of a license and special fishing authorization for the NEAFC regulatory area by the DGRM in accordance with the Government's annual legislation on the allocation of Portuguese fishing quotas in the North Atlantic .The following must also be considered:

  • To have a valid fishing license in accordance with Article 6 of the Control Regulation (Regulation 1224/2009)
  • Implementation of the relevant IMO Vessel Identification System if required under Union law
  • The fishing vessel is not on a list of IUU vessels adopted by a RFMO and / or the Union under the IUU Regulation
  • The flag Member State has fishing opportunities under the fisheries agreement in question
  • To have a vessel monitoring system (VMS) installed and operational
  • To have an electronic recording and reporting system installed and operational
  • To have valid certificates of Navigation and Compliance.


Species regulated by the NEAFC

Species with special catch, registration and control regimes

  • Redfish
  • Haddock.

 Types of gears

Pelagic trawl: the use of nets less than 100 mm is prohibited (redfish).

 Designated Ports

  • Aveiro
  • Caniçal  
  • Horta
  • Ilha do Faial.


    Regulation (EU) No. 1236/2010, as amended by Delegated Regulation No. 603/2012
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    Regulation (EU) No. 32/2012, complete Regulation (EU) No.1236/2010

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   Conservation and Management Measures in force at NEAFC

   Annual North Atlantic quota allocation order
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