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General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM
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 GFCM coverage area




The GFCM Agreement was adopted under Article XIV of the FAO Constitution, adopted in 1949 and entered into force on the 20th February 1952. It was amended in 1963, 1976 and 1997. Its official languages are Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

The General Committee regulates fishing in the Mediterranean by adopting ICCAT measures for swordfish and bluefin tuna and is responsible for establishing technical study committees. It currently has 24 Contracting Parties (

The main objective of the GFCM is to ensure responsible use of living marine resources with due regard to the social, economic and environmental dimensions and the sustainable development of aquaculture in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.

 Eligibility conditions

  • Hold a valid fishing license in accordance with Article 6 of the Control Regulation (Regulation 1224/2009);
  • Implementation of the relevant IMO vessel identification system, if required under Unions law;
  • The fishing vessel is not on a IUU vessels list adopted by any RFMO and / or the Union under the IUU Regulation;
  • The flag Member State has fishing opportunities under the fisheries agreement in question;
  • Have a vessels satellite monitoring system (VMS) installed and operational;
  • Have a system for the electronic filling and transmission of fishing logbook data installed and operational.


Commission: responsible for the management and conservation of fishery resources in the regulatory area (waters outside the EEZ). It shall decide annually on the rules and TACs and quotas to be adopted for the Convention area. It has the Bureau and the Secretariat.

The Commission is empowered to adopt binding recommendations on the conservation and management of resources in the area governed by the GFCM. Measures likely to be adopted by the Commission involve fishing methods, fishing gear, minimum discharge sizes, definition of spatio-temporal closures and control of fishing effort.

Recently, GFCM has revised its legal framework, including its Implementation Agreement, with the aim of improving its efficiency as a RFMO, and thus providing itself with tools to adequately address future challenges.

Scientific Advisory Committee: issues independent technical and scientific advice to support decision-making on management and conservation, including biological, social and economic aspects.

Aquaculture Committee: promotes sustainable development and management, including the definition of common guidelines for the responsible management of aquaculture.

Compliance Committee: responsible for monitoring compliance and strengthening of the fleet of Contracting Parties and for analyzing information on the activities of non-Contracting Parties, including illegal fishing.

Management and Finance Committee, responsible for administrative matters, reviews compliance with the rules of financial procedure and the implementation of the budget adopted at the last session of the Commission.


All living marine resources in the area of competence (international areas and EEZs), including bluefin-tuna and swordfish, species regulated by ICCAT for both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean basins.


 Fishing gear

  • Surface longline
  • Traps
  • Seine nets
  • Trawl.