Main indicators
Within the scope of maritime spatial planning, monitoring of the marine environment and the defense and protection of fishing ports, the main indicators of DGRM's activity are presented.
 Permits for Private Use of the National Maritime Space (TUPEM)
The right to private use of the national maritime space is granted by concession, license or authorization, regardless of the nature and legal form of its holder.
The TUPEMs assigned for the uses and activities provided for in Decree-Law no. 38/2015, of 12 March are presented.
 Dredging Immersion
In the exercise of the functions of the National Authority for the Immersion of Waste (ANIR), the number of dredges immersed in the national maritime space is presented, under the TUPEM issued for this use.





 Reception Plans Generated and Waste Management (RPGWM) in ships and cargo residues

RPGWMs are prepared every three years by the port authorities and submitted to DGRM for approval.

The approved RPGWM for the 2014-2016 period are presented.

 Monitoring and Measurement Projects
As part of the implementation of the Monitoring and Measures Program of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (DQEM), several projects are underway.