The port facility or port subjected to a security incident must prepare a report of the events that occurred and the procedure followed, which should be immediately sent to the ACPTMP - Competent Authority for Maritime Transport and Port Security, with a copy to CCOPP - Coordinating Centre of Port Security Operations, and preserved by the port facility or port for at least three years, as referred to in n.º 1 of article 32 of Decree-Law n.º 226/2006, of 15th November.

Transmission of information about the security incident to the Competent Authority for Maritime Transport and Ports Security (ACPTMP) and the Coordinating Centre for Port Security Operations (CCOPP), will enable these entities to take appropriate action to contain eventual effects of the incident according to its nature and size. In addition, this information will allow assessment of the correlation between security incidents occurred in one or more port facilities.

In order to facilitate the communication process between the security officer (of ports or port facilities) and the ACPTMP, a report model for communicating security incidents in port facilities or ports and its respective filling instructions is published to provide security officers and ACPTMP authority with a tool which contains all relevant information for reporting facts and assess the security incident.

Protection Incident Report Template
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Protection Incident Report Template
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Protection Incident Report Completion Instructions
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