Types of Marine Cultures Establishments
Reproduction Units
Aquaculture establishments designed to produce, by artificial methods, the different stages of development including the embryonic of a certain species - gametes, eggs, larvae, post-larvae, juveniles and spores.

Growth and Fattening Units
Facilities where the growth and fattening of marine species is promoted, whatever the type of structure they use and the place they occupy. Growth and fattening facilities may have the following types, taking into account the characteristics of their structure and / or location:

  • Tanks: installations located on land, made up of different materials, from land itself to concrete or fiber
  • Floating structures (for fish and bivalves): structures located in the water body, consisting of cages, floating or submersible, rafts or cables (longlines)
  • Nurseries of bivalve molluscs: units located in intertidal zones of estuaries and rivers and other places.