Fishing method that uses a net structure with pouch and large lateral wings that drag and, previously or simultaneously, wrap or fence.



Fishing gear that is usually dropped from a vessel, and can be maneuvered from land or from the vessel itself. The capture technique consists of surrounding a water surface with a very long net, which can be provided with a bag normally placed in the center of the net. The net is maneuvered by means of two cables (ropes) fixed at its ends and whose purpose is to widen the net, concentrate the fish and lead it to the mouth (opening) of the net.

Only the use of xávega, a trawl that is dropped from a vessel and maneuvered and hauled from land (to the beach) is foreseen, in national legislation, manually or using animals or power equipment.


  • Maximum bag length: 50 m
  • Wing length: 380 m    
  • Length of hauling cables: 3000 m.


 Mesh classes

Minimum mesh size: 20 mm in the bag.

Target species

Not foreseen. Common species: horse mackerel, mackerel, sardines, squid.


 Area of action

In the area of jurisdiction of the captaincy of registration of the vessel, without limitations in terms of distance to the coast line (legally they can operate from the coast line up to 200 miles - external limit of the EEZ). In practical terms, as it is an art that is launched by a vessel and collected for the beach, it operates from the water line to a distance that can reach, approximately, up to two miles.

Other constraints

Not applicable.


Ordinance No. 1102-F/2000, of 22 November, which approves the Regulation for Fishing by Surrounding Art (Xávega), as amended by Ordinance No. 244/2005, of 8 March.

Ordinance No. 172/2017, of 25 May, was published, which establishes a participatory regime for the management and monitoring of artisanal fishing.