(See article 7 of the Ordinance No. 14/2014 of 23 January)

In the recreational fishing, only vessels registered for recreational or maritime-tourism activities are permitted.

In sport and fishing competitions it may also be used registered professional fishing vessels under certain conditions and provided that the absence of alternatives for the use of such vessels is duly justified.

Pursuant Article 4 (3) of the Ordinance 14/2014, the crew of a vessel engaged in recreational fishing activities are required to wear a life jacket or individual buoyancy aid.


Distances between Practitioners/Vessels

(See articles 6 and 7 of the Ordinance No. 14/2014 of 23 January)

The practitioners of recreational fishing, when operating from land, shall keep at least 5 m between themselves or professional fishermen unless otherwise agreed.

When recreational fishing is carried out from a vessel, a minimum distance of 50 m from other vessels, practitioners of recreational fishing or stationary gear anchored to the bottom shall be kept.

The practitioners of underwater fishing shall keep a minimum distance of 20 m from each other unless otherwise agreed.

Any vessel shall maintain a minimum safety distance of 50 m from floating signalling equipment for underwater fishing or from vessels flying the Alpha flag of the International Signal Code.