Intersessional Correspondence Group on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (ICG MSFD)
The ICG-MSFD is the Intersectional Correspondence Group on the subjects of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, under the aegis of the OSPAR Coordination Group (CoG), which includes those responsible for the implementation of the DQEM in each member state, representatives of the contracting parties of the OSPAR who are not members of the European Union and the European Commission.
The group was formed in order to provide an informal discussion platform for the entities responsible for implementing the DQEM in the member states and, at the same time, to support the CoG in coordinating the requirements for compliance with the Directive.
DGRM ensures national representation in this group.
 Intersessional Correspondence Group on Economic and Social Analysis (ICG ESA)
ICG ESA is a working platform on issues of an economic and social nature that need to be addressed at the scale of the Northeast Atlantic and its sub-regions. Specific areas of work include:
  • Improve regional consistency and comparability of the relevant social and economic data used for the economic analysis of the use of the marine environment, as part of the update of the Initial Assessment of the DQEM
  • Share analysis, technical advice and evaluation in the development of OSPAR measures
  • Exchange and collection of socio-economic information (to support cost-benefit analyzes when necessary) on issues of priority importance, in particular waste, noise, marine protected areas and seabed integrity.
The Directorate-General for Maritime Policy (DGPM) ensures national representation in this group.