Welcome to the website of the DGRM

The DGRM website is a tool of major importance for the communication of this Directorate-General with its clients and society in general.

Within the sphere of activity of the Ministry of the Sea, the DGRM´s mission is developed in three fundamental areas:

  • • Maritime Administration
  • • Fishing
  • • Planning and Sustainability of the Sea.

For each area referred to, the DGRM intends to provide the necessary information to help you understand each matter or obtain authorisation, licensing or certification for your business, vessel or activity at sea.

We value interaction with users in a dematerialised way. Whenever possible, the DGRM offers its services available online, using the best IT tools available to the Public Administration.

If you are a frequent user of the DGRM, please find in your reserved area all the information regarding your requests and follow on this site all the relevant developments and information on the sectors of economic activity related to the sea.

To better serve you, we have certified our management system and take every opportunity to improve our services every day.

But we do more. We protect marine ecosystems, develop projects to increase maritime safety, build and maintain ports, support ocean literacy development, and collaborate with national and international institutions to protect life at sea and develop sustainable business and activities.

Also help us to improve our services and our website. Please give us your suggestions or describe your needs for the use of the sea, either in the most playful field or in the professional (

And browse our site as you wish,

The Board