Specific objectives: to improve the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The CleanAtlantic project addresses the challenge of improving the capacity of Atlantic territories to manage and reduce marine litter.

As a result of human activities, marine litter is a serious pollution problem that threatens the marine environment and public health. The CleanAtlantic project aims to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services, improve capacities to predict, control and eliminate marine litter in the Atlantic Area through regional cooperation. The project also aims to contribute to the awareness of maritime agents and to the improvement of marine litter management systems.

DGRM participates in CleanAtlantic as a partner, in a consortium that brings together public and private entities from across the Atlantic arc (Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom).

The overall budget for this project is 3,249,241.04 euros, with a co-financing of 2,436,930.78 euros (75%).