By bottom trawl is meant the medium or large trawl gear, always towed by a vessel that moves over the bottom and is in contact with it. The bottom trawl may be of beam or boards.

Beam trawl is characterized by being a medium-sized trawl in which the wingless mouth is kept open by the action of two rods or a horizontal rod and rigid lateral structures (in the case of 'skates').

Max. rod dimension: 7 m

Max. skates height or vertical opening of the net: 0, 65 m.

Max. thickness of single and multi-stranded wire: 6 and 12 mm respectively.

 Mesh ranges

20 to 31 mm for shrimps (Pandalus and Palaemon) and peeled shrimps.

32-54 mm for shrimps (Pandalus, Palaemon and Crangon) and peeled shrimps.

 Target species

Peeled and legitimate white shrimp and, in the case of mesh size 32 mm to 54 mm black shrimp, with 50% of target species.
 Area of action

It is allowed between Caminha and Figueira da Foz.

In the areas between the mouth of the Rio Minho and the south bank of the Neiva River, and between the south bank of the Mira lagoon and Pedrógão, the beam trawl may operate between the shoreline to a maximum distance of 1.5 miles.

In the area between the south bank of the Neiva River and the south bank of the Mira Lagoon, it can operate between the shoreline and a maximum distance of 3.5 miles.
 Other constraints

It is prohibited fishing with beam trawl in June (mesh size 32-54 mm) and between April and September (mesh size 20-31 mm). Only vessels registered in the Captaincies of Caminha to Figueira da Foz may be licensed.

Only vessels which do not cumulatively have a license for traps for the capture of legitimate or "sombreira" white shrimp may be licensed for beam trawl fishing. During the same voyage vessels licensed to fish for shrimp and peeled shrimp may not use or carry any other fishing gear on board.

The maximum motive power of the vessels using beam trawl gear is 56 kW, except for vessels which were licensed in 2000 for the use of shrimp or peeled nets which, although having higher power, were already being licensed. However, no further increase can be made in respect of them.



National legislation


Ordinance No. 349/2013 of 29th November republishes the Ordinance No. 1102-E/2000 of 22nd November

Ordinance No. 349/2013
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Ordinance No. 1102-E/2000 of 22nd November approving the Trawl Fishing Regulation

Ordinance No. 1102-E/2000
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EU Legislation


Commission Regulation (EU) No. 404/2011 of 8 April 2011 laying down rules for trawls devices - consolidated version

Commission Regulation (EU) No. 404/2011
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