Trap designed to capture octopuses, it has the form of a pot where the prey are sheltered, there is no device that prevents the escape of the prey.

 Mesh classes

Not applicable.

Target species


 Area of action

Out of 1/2 mile to the shoreline, for vessels up to 9 m in length, and out of 1 mile to the shoreline, for other vessels.


Maximum number of pots or buckets per vessel: 3000.

It prohibits fishing in the Costa Vicentina area between 37º 50´N and 37º 00´ between December and February.





Ordinance No. 296/94, of 17 May, which updates the national legislation in force with regard to zones and periods of fishing prohibition.

Ordinance No. 1102-D/2000, of 22 November, which approves the Regulation of Fishing by Trap Art, approved and republished by Ordinance No. 230/2012, of 3 August.