Fishing method that uses lines and, in general, one or more hooks, ballast and buoys. It can be practiced with arts that fall into the following groups: trolling, cane and hand line, longline, toneira and piteira.


Hooks can have various shapes and dimensions and be baited with natural, live or dead, or artificial bait. The fish are attracted by natural or artificial bait (sample) placed on a hook attached to the end of a line, in which they are caught. Hooks or hooks are also used to catch fish and mollusks by pricking them when they pass by.

The mollusks or piteiras for mollusks (squid and cuttlefish), in particular case of line, are baited with samples and provided with multiple tips, used to give the lines a movement of up and down that attracts prey.

Longlines are bottom fishing gears, consisting of a long line (mother), to which numerous short lines (strips) are attached at the free end of which a hook is tied. The length and spacing between strips vary according to the target species. There are bottom and long-bottomed longlines and surface longlines that are mainly used for fishing for large migrants such as swordfish.


There are no special features in the legislation in force.


 Mesh classes

Not applicable


 Target species

Depending on the art,% of target and accessory species are not fixed, but only that the bottom longline is directed to bottom species and the surface longline to pelagic species.

Toneira: squid, Piteira: octopus and cuttlefish.

Deep-sea fish (especially black scabbard fish) can only be caught with a longline.


Area of action

From the coast line, for all vessels.

 Other constraints

It prohibits fishing in an area of the Costa Vicentina between 37º 50´N and 37º 00´ between December and February.






Ordinance No. 1102-C/2000, of 22 November, which approves the Line Fishing Regulation.

Ordinance No. 296/94, of 17 May, which updates the national legislation in force with regard to zones and periods of fishing prohibition.

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Regulation (EU) 2016/2336, of 14 December 2016, which establishes specific conditions for fishing for deep-sea stocks in the North-East Atlantic and provisions applicable to fishing in international waters of the North-East Atlantic.

Ordinance no. 115 -B / 2011, of 24 March, which approves the Regulation of Commercial Fishing, in Line Fishing Modality, in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina.

Order No. 7083/2011, of 10 May, which establishes the criteria and procedures for licensing for longline fishing in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina.