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 How to get the yachtsman licence?

You can obtain the yachtsman license in the following ways:

  1.  If you have never had any training, you will need to attend a course and successful training at one of the yachtsman's training entities accredited by the DGRM. After completing the exam, the licences will be issued by the DGRM.
  2. If you have been trained as a naval officer, merchant naval officer or have been a student of the Naval College and the Naval College Infant D. Henrique and other professionals of the sea you can request your Licence by equivalence.

 What are the competencies for each category of yachtsman’s licence?

Junior Sailor

It enables the holder to the recreational boating (RB) command of up to 6 m length, with power installed up to 4.5 kW in daytime navigation, up to a maximum distance of one mile from the low-water mark and three miles from any safe haven.


It enables the holder to the RB command in daytime navigation at a maximum distance of 3 miles from the coast and 10 miles from any safe haven, with the following limits:

  • From 16 to 18 years of age, RB up to 6 m length with installed power up to 22.5 kW, sea scooters and powered surfboards regardless of their power
  • Over 18 years, RB of up to 12 m length, with installed power adequate to its certification.

Coastal Skipper

It enables the holder to the RB command to navigate within of sight of the coast up to a maximum distance of 25 miles from any safe haven and 6 miles from shore.

Ocean Yacht master

It enables the holder of the RB command to navigate to a distance from the coast that does not exceed 40 miles.

Employer-sea fishing:

It enables the holder to the RB command to navigate without area limit.